Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan is a semi-autonomous region within Federal Iraq. Following the invasion of Iraq in 2003, subsequent political changes led to a new constitution being ratified in 2005. The constitution defines Iraqi Kurdistan as a federal entity in Iraq, and Iraqi Kurdistan has its own parliament, prime minister and president. The Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament (formerly known as the Kurdistan National Assembly and established in 1992), has wide ranging powers to enact legislation, with significant pieces of social, political and economic legislation such as the modern and generous Investment Law, a Petroleum Law and legislation was passed in 2010 that established an Environmental Protection and Improvement Board.

Power is broadly divided between two major parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, namely the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). The influence of these two parties is broadly divided between the north and south of the country, with the KDP controlling Erbil and Dohuk and the PUK the governorate of Suleimaniyah.  However, in 2009 a new party called the Change Movement (sometimes referred to as ‘Gorran’) was established and it now has 25 seats in the Iraqi Kurdish parliament and is most active in the Suleimaniyah governorate. By contrast, the KDP has 30 seats in the parliament and the PUK, 29. Iraqi Kurdistan also has several Islamist parties represented in the 111-seat parliament.

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is a stable, vibrant and dynamic environment which has seen dramatic economic growth and development and can serve as an excellent gateway for companies to enter the wider Iraqi market. At least 97 UK companies are registered in Kurdistan, making the UK the fifth largest foreign presence in the region. British-Kurdish relations are strong, and British business is welcomed and encouraged for the high quality of its skills, expertise, and products. Iraqi Kurdistan’s growing oil sector remains of particular interest to foreign companies, with 50 foreign companies currently operating in the region with investments totalling between US$15-US$20bn. However, there is a huge demand for a wide variety of other products and services across a multitude of sectors, spanning agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, banking & finance, communication and transport.

The Middle East Association (MEA) enjoys excellent relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government. We were the first association to take a trade mission to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2006 and our long-standing relationship with the region means that MEA members and delegates on our trade missions gain an unparalleled level of insight and access to businesses and decision makers. A visit to this fascinating region is essential. The MEA continues to take at least two trade missions per year to Iraqi Kurdistan and organises briefings for companies regarding the opportunities on offer in this rapidly developing and exciting region.

For companies interested in learning more about Iraqi Kurdistan and the opportunities on offer, the first point of contact should be with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s UK Representation in London.

Please not the KRG UK representation does not provide consular services at their Buckingham Gate office.

For all other purposes, an appointment is necessary before visiting the KRG Representation. Contact details are as follows:

4th Floor

23 Buckingham Gate

London SW1E 6LB

Telephone: 0203 301 8340

Fax: 0207 828 0257



Erbil Chamber of Commerce

Nearly 20,000 members as of 2008, of which 16,000 were registered as trading companies, about

1,000 were industrial firms and over 2,000 were other types of businesses.

President: Mr Dara Jalil Khayat



Tel: +964 (0)66 2222014, +964 (0)66 2222162, +964 (0)66 2230671

Visiting address: Aras Street, Chamber of commerce BLDG., Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


Suleimaniyah Chamber of Commerce

Over 30,000 members

President: Mr Sirwan Mohamed Mahmood


Email: ;

Tel: +964 (0)53 312 3293 / 3772 / 6845. Fax: +964 (0)52 312 6985

Visiting address: Sulaimany Salim St, Opp. Sulaimany Museum, SCC Building, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


Dohuk Chamber of Commerce


President: Mr Ayad H. Abdul Halim



Alternative email:

Tel: +964 (0)750 471 7827

Mr Abdulsalam Salih al-Doski – Adviser, Tel:

+964 (0)62 722 1647

Mr Mustafa Ramazan Ahmed – Manager, Tel:

+964 (0)62 722 4633


Contractors Union


The Kurdistan Contractors Union represents local contracting companies.

President: Mr Ahmad Aziz Rekani



Tel: +964 (0)53 321 0496

Tel: +964 (0)7701 433333

Tel: +964 (0)7701435822

Tel: +964 (0)750 112 6969


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